Friday, November 4, 2011

Shop Local Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner and, if you're like me, you're probably tired of shopping at big box stores to find a gift. Dragging yourself through the crowed malls with other folks doing the same thing. Fighting over the newest latest toy that will lose it's excitement by Dec. 26th. Settling on items that you think someone might like but you're not really sure or just getting something, anything, because you're just plumb out of ideas. Because come on, really, who needs another nose hair trimmer or a Chia Pet.

As knitters and crocheters, we're always primed and ready for a handmade gift but what if it's December 23rd and you just don't have time to pop out a hat or scarf?

Here's a list of some fantastic ideas for quick and meaningful gifts that you can even wait until the last minute to get (and you probably won't even have to wrap it!):

A Gift Certificate for services to:
a local hairdresser
a local Garage for oil changes
get their car washed and detailed
get their driveway sealed
get their lawn mowed or snow removed
get their home cleaned by a local cleaning person
get their computer serviced

A Gift Certificate to have fun by:
trying out a local restaurant, or maybe an old favorite (Be sure to leave your server a big tip!)
play a round of golf at the local golf course
going to a local tourist attraction that they've never been to
staying at a local bed and breakfast
going to see a play

Looking for something a little more tangible than a gift certificate? Don't forget your local crafters! Potters, woodworkers, soap makers, jewelry makers, blacksmiths, and bookbinders just to name a few! I bet you can even find locally made one of a kind toys for the little ones on your gift list this year.

Don't forget about our local farmers and foodies! How about a nice bottle of local wine or beer from a local brewery? You could even gift someone a membership to the local Community Supported Agriculture program or get them a gift certificate to the farmer's market.

This Holiday season, lets give our communities a big gift by shopping local, spending local, and celebrating local. Every dollar you spend at a local store,, or for local services stays right there in the community. The more money in your community, the more your community will thrive and opportunity will grow.

BTW, We have Gift Certificates here at A Likely Yarn!

For more information about how shopping local affects your community check out The 3/50 Project.

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