Friday, November 4, 2011

Dish Cloth Of Month Club 2012

Beginning in January, we're starting a Dish Cloth of the Month Club! Each month, you'll receive a new dish cloth pattern and join us for a little group knitting.

We have several bags of Sublime Cotton Kapok available with a year's supply of yarn inside. We also have several yarns that are just perfect for dish cloth knitting for those of you who like to mix things up a bit:

Sugar & Cream 100% Cotton
Debbie Bliss Eco 100% organic Cotton
Jil Eaton Cotton Tail 100% cotton
Appalachian Baby 100% organic cotton
Katydid 100% organic cotton ribbon
Ty Dy & Ty Dy Dots 100% cotton
CEY's Seedling 100% organic cotton
Bebe Cotsoy 50% cotton/50% soy
Cascade Ultra Pima 100% mercerized cotton
Jeannee 51% cotton/49% acrylic
CEY's Cricket 60% cotton/40% linen
CEY's Premier 50% cotton/50% tencel
CEY's Allegoro 70% organic cotton/30% linen

Beginning date will be posted in December.

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