Sunday, May 9, 2010

World Wide Knitting and Happy Birthday

  Gosh!  How much fun can we stand???  "World-wide knitting" observance has grown to an entire week, June 12th-19th.  Take it to the doctor's office, play practice, to the movies (but PLEASE not to live theatre), when you're the car PASSENGER, your favorite social hangouts.....anywhere folks can see what fun knit and crochet activities are!
  The last Saturday (June 19th) give it one last good effort, then join us to celebrate A Likely Yarn's 3rd Birthday!  We opened June 3rd, 2008, RE-opened June 1, 2009 and here we are primed and ready for another great year.  Birthday cake and lemonade at 2pm, 213 Pecan St., just across the tracks from the Creeper Trail parking lot and almost-next to the VA Creeper Trail Bike Shop.

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