Saturday, March 21, 2009


I looked for some obscure needle size the other day and realized what a blessing an "all-purpose, once and for all" tote would be. Needles in the drawer? Stuck in the seat cushion? Cat knocked 'em under the couch? Maybe you're like our friend who sold her car and the clean-up guys found 27 "thingies" under the seats..whatever the complication, a well-designed system will make your life ever so much easier.

Lantern Moon baskets will be in soon, as decorative as they are effective. We'll be carrying several sizes, both lined and the basic "rice basket" design as well as gorgeous silk combo packs for DPN/circular storage. The Yarn Tote is somewhat more of a workhorse and comes with zippered plastic sleeves for holding DPN and/or circular needles of the same size...all the 8s, all the 2s, etc...with a mesh pocket on the side and extra "pages" available. Just think....all your tools together.

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