Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, yes it is pretty "humble" but just ahead it's a castle, a palace, a treasure house of yarnish things. Our new home is at 213 Pecan St., Abingdon...a quaint Victorian cottage built in 1900 with later additions. Big shade trees and triple the retail space with lots of work space for staff and inventory. Sounds like heaven, huh??!

We're right at the RR tracks, between the VA Creeper Trail parking lot and bike shop. Just 2 blocks one way to galleries and shopping, a Hollywood museum and even a shop for afternoon tea. And 2 blocks another direction up the hill to Barter Stage II's theater and parking lot.

Mark your calendar for Monday, June 1 and come see us! We'll be open through Memorial Day, then close the rest of the week to pack and move. Same zip, phone, etc. just waaaaaay more room. (And not the least bit humble!)

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