Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let's Play With Y.A.R.N.

Join us on December 29th from 1:00-3:00 for our Let's Play With Y.A.R.N. kick off - our 2013 year long game.

Let's Play With Y.A.R.N is sort of like Bingo with a crafty twist.  Each card has 16 challenges. Fill in a four in a row and draw a card worth a certain dollar amount off your next purchase; Face cards are worth $5.00 off your next purchase and ace through ten cards are worth $1.00 off your next purchase. Fill in your entire card to be entered into a drawing for an awesome prize at the end of the year.  Full cards are due by December 31, 2013.  As you complete activities and knit or crochet projects during the year, share them and get your card signed by a staff member.  You can show your projects off by bringing them to the shop, creating a project page on Ravelry and sharing it with the Friends of A Likely Yarn group or post photos on our Facebook page.  You must visit the shop to get your card signed.

Don't let these challenges overwhelm you! You have an entire year to work!

*sssssshhh* Don't tell anyone but I'll let one square's challenge slip before the kick off.... "Join & Finish a Knit/Crochet A Long" We're starting the Mystery Sock Knit-A-Long sponsored by Skacel on January 4th.  Join us and you'll have one square ready to be marked off by the end of January and a brand new pair of socks!!

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