Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Addi Clicks - Lace, Bamboo, and the Original Clicks

The ultimate knitter's gift is a set of interchangeable needles and we've got them in three different varieties.

The original Addi Clicks come with 10 pairs of tips (US size 4-15), 3 cords (24", 32" and 40"), and a connector in a black case. These are nickel plated and are just like our favorite Addi Turbos.

The Lace Clicks are not just for lace knitters! These tips are nickel plated and extra sharp. The Lace Clicks come with 8 pairs of tips (US size 4-11), 5 cords (16", 20", 24", 32" and 40"), and a connector in a brown case. These are similar to the Addi Lace Turbo needles with the exception of being nickel plated. Those that have skin reactions to brass may find these needles are right up their alley; and no tarnishing!

The Bamboo Clicks are perfect for those knitters that prefer the feel of bamboo over metal needles. This set comes with 8 pairs of tips (US size 4-11), 3 cords (24", 32" and 40") and a connector in a green case with a leaf print lining.

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