Monday, July 6, 2009


Ever heard of "hogwild and pigcrazy"?? Maybe not, but how 'bout "monthlong and statewide"??

Details are on but here’s the short answer…We have great looking tote/shoulder bags in the shop that are going to save you lots of money this month!!

You buy the bag, printed with participating stores all across the state, for $20,….Alexandria, Charlottesville, Richmond, Vienna, Orchard Side, Bedford, Roanoke, Blacksburg, Manassas, VA Beach, etc. And, of course, Abingdon!

After that, all the regular priced yarn you can stuff in that bag is 15% off. Fill it up over and over…..same shop, different shops, all the shops - doesn’t matter. If it’s regular priced and in that bag, you’re 15% to the good. No notions, books, tools, sale yarns, special orders, etc.

BUT WAIT….THERE’S MORE!! For every $25 you spend, you’ll fill out an entry for a $100 gift card at that store. $75, 3 entries…$200, 8 entries. You could go marauding across I-64 and 81 winning and saving as you go….all the way to August.

We only got 30 bags, so come in quick and get started! We sold our first one yesterday and the word’s getting out!

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