Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chix with Stix

And hooks, needles or other pointy objects. We're off and running with A Likely Yarn's first meeting of Chix with Stix, an all-ages, all-skills, all-process group of talented, fun gals. Every Thursday evening, 5-7pm for $5. We can fix a glitch, help you with a new technique or just generally cheer you on.

$5 for the evening and teas, coffees, snacks, etc. are available from Zazzy's. Shop's open and we have a great time. No reservations necessary, just bring yourself, your project and a smile!


Kitty said...

will this be every thursday? I am so sorry I missed it last night.will see you next week

Janet said...

Yes, indeed....I was hoping you'd take a chance and come last night. Sorry to be late in answering..I had to go out of town the first part of the week. You're welcome to bring some of Zazzy's exotic coffee drinks and come hobnob with us. $5 per person per evening and we gather around 5-ish, out a little after 7.
Hope to see you next week. Janet

Janet said...

Incidentally, you're welcome to stop by the shop any afternoon for a bit of informal help. We're open every single day and late on Thursday. J.

Anonymous said...

and everyone else!!!
This Thursday, December 4th, A Likely Yarn will be open until 9pm for Abingdon Main Street's "Mingle and Jingle Holiday Open House". This will be a great time to stop in and see what goes on at CHIX with STIX, what's on sale, and what we can do to help occupy these next few COLD winter months!

Anonymous said...

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